Getting Ahead of Auto Repair Shop Marketing

So, you own an auto repair shop. You want to get more people through the door, but that is easier said than done sometimes. How can you make sure that you can stay ahead of your advertising? What are some auto repair shop marketing strategies you can consider using?

·    Write an attention-getting ad. If you want your vehicle to be brought in for repairs, you have to advertise it well. You need a good name for the shop and an advertising campaign that will increase the number of customers who come into your auto repair shop.

·    Use fliers or postcards to attract potential clients. You can also buy a mailing list and send out mailers when you are planning to open your shop.

·    Name your auto repair shop after the name of your town or village in order to gain easy exposure for it. If you have previously worked in another auto repair shop or had a business of your own, try to use that information instead of the information concerning your current job. This will help people think about you in a better light.

·    Use coupons or special offers readily available in magazines, newspapers or mailers but remember not to over-use them. It is also good idea to put up signs outside of your auto repair shop which will attract potential customers who are passing by.

·    Auto repair shops usually offer a 30-day warranty on all repairs that they have done so be sure to point that out in your advertisement and make the customer aware of it.

auto repair shop marketing strategies

The more people you get coming into your shop, the faster you will start making money as an auto mechanic. If you get ahead of your marketing now, you can establish yourself and start making money sooner than later!