Taking Care of Rifle Scope Mounting

So, you’ve got a new rifle scope and you’re not 100% sure how to put it on. After you get your rifle scope mounting tools, you will want to follow these instructions in order to get everything together properly and safely.

1. First, you will need to assemble your rifle. It is recommended that you check the scope mount instructions in the manual for proper assembly of your weapon and any special installation instructions for your specific rifle.

2. Take your tools and follow the instructions so that you can properly install. If you don’t feel confident, now may be the time to call a gunsmith.

3. Once the mount is attached to your rifle and it is leveled, you will need to tighten the screws in order for it not to move around while shooting. This may vary depending on your weapon type and scope mounts used.

4. Next, with the help of a friend if needed, mount the scope onto the mount that was previously attached to your weapon. Make sure that the top of the rifle scope is at least 1 inch above the barrel in order to avoid striking it and damaging it.

5. Now that the scope is on, you will need to go back through and check all screws are tightened and double checked. Also make sure not to over tighten the screws, especially the ones to keep it attached to the weapon.

6. Remember that before using your rifle with any type of scope mount installed, you should first test the scope by firing a few shots. This is to make sure that your scope is in working order before going hunting.

rifle scope mounting tools

Finally, it’s time to hunt! Your scope is set up and you’re ready to get that big trophy you’ve been waiting for.